What is Breast Cancer Treatment?

In recent years, there is been an explosion of life-saving treatment advances against breast cancer, bringing new hope ans excitement. Instead of only one or two option, today there is an overwhelming menu of treatment choices that fight the complex mix of cells in eah individual cancers. The treatment are systematic or local. Among these are:

• Chemotherapy

• Hormonal therapy

• Holistic and complementary medicine

• Radiation therapy

• Surgery

• Targeted therapy

Why Breast Cancer need Treatment?

There are two major aims for breast cancer treatment:

To get rid the cancer cells in the breast completely

To avoid the cancer cells from reoccurs.

For surgery, it is not recommended because it is very painful and will be leaving scars. The surgery also gives side affects either slow or fast to get rid of it. Other than that, the possibilities for the cancer cells to recur is very high. The others treatment also have a side effect except holistic and complementary medicine.

There are many holistic and complementary medicine techniques but the famous techniques is acupunture. For many people diagnosed with breast cancer said that acupuncture helped to relieve symptoms of breast cancer, ease treatment side effects and improve the quality of life.

Acupuncture is hair-thin needles are inserted into specific area on the skin called "acupuncture points" and then gently moved. Acupuncture treatment stimulates the nervous system to release natural painkillers and immune system cells. Then, it travel to weakend areas of the body and relieve symptoms. Acupuncture treatment has no side effects and very safe for breast cancer patient. Other than that, acupuncture treatment usually together with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The herbal medicines is taken to speed up the treatment effects. One of the acupuncture treatment centre that can be shared is The Tole Acupunture. This treatment centre is popular in Malaysia. To see more about acupuncture please click.


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